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How to Measure a Large Sofa?

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How to Measure a Large Sofa?

If you are planning to buy a new sofa, it is essential that you take measurements first. The sofa's size can be measured from arm to arm or from the front ends of the armrests. You should also keep in mind that the width and depth of the sofa should match the width and depth of other furniture in the room. This information will help you determine the appropriate sofa size for your space. The next step is to select the style and color you want.

The length, width and depth of a sofa should be measured from the side. The length and width of the sofa are best measured horizontally from the back to the part on the front that protrudes the most. This part is usually the armrests. If the seat curves outwards, it may be the seat itself. Diagonal measurement is also important, because it can determine whether or not the sofa can be turned sideways or not. To get the diagonal depth, measure the distance between the bottom, back corner and the top, front edge of the couch.

The legs of a sofa are the foundation of a couch. Choosing a sofa with wooden legs offers the greatest chance of inspecting the sofa's quality. Make sure the wood matches the finish of the frame and that the legs are securely attached. You can test their tightness by pulling, wriggling, and twisting them. If you see a couch with screws, make sure the screws are tightened securely. If the legs are not tightly fastened, they are prone to loosening over time. Choose a couch with T-nuts or thick threaded hanger bolts.

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