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Supply chain -- built for value

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Supply chain -- built for value

In order to promote the compliance and transparency of supplier management, the openness and transparency of material procurement, as well as the promotion of cost reduction and efficiency increase, and the improvement of the comprehensive capacity of supply chain, the joint finance department of supply chain held the 10-day annual supply chain collective procurement tendering meeting in 2021 from January 11th.The collective procurement bidding meeting will conduct multiple bidding for raw material suppliers.


The tendering will be in line with:Sunshine, integrity, justice, cooperation, win-win purpose, geared to the needs of market bidding, break the traditional single and group with the relationship between the purchasing mode, introducing high quality suppliers, rich and powerful company supply chain, thereby improving supplier compliance management, powerful push supplier and sales on both ends of the linkage, and promote supplier internal efficiency authors, enhance the product value chain advantages.


In 2021, multi-dimensional monthly evaluation will be conducted on suppliers from the aspects of qualification, delivery time, quality, cost and cooperation degree. The settlement method will be determined according to the monthly evaluation, and the order allocation method of each supplier will be determined according to the quality assurance, return and exchange mechanism and cost.


The company's implementation of collective procurement is an innovative practice to establish a centralized, efficient and transparent procurement management system.This is of great significance to the company to improve the quality and efficiency and to save the purchase cost.


At the same time, the financial management center establishes the inventory stagnation early warning system, through prior training and guidance, operation process supervision, follow-up assessment and other ways, more accurate analysis of sluggish products, to improve the operation capacity of enterprises.

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