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Home » News » "Break the mentality of maintaining industry, stick to the mission of entrepreneurship" Guangdong New Hong Yang 2020 Annual Report and 2021 Work Conference was held grandly

"Break the mentality of maintaining industry, stick to the mission of entrepreneurship" Guangdong New Hong Yang 2020 Annual Report and 2021 Work Conference was held grandly

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"Break the mentality of maintaining industry, stick to the mission of entrepreneurship" Guangdong New Hong Yang 2020 Annual Report and 2021 Work Conference was held grandly

On January 29, 2021, Guangdong Xinhongyang Technology Co., Ltd. 2020 Annual Report and 2021 Annual Work Meeting was successfully held in the multifunctional room on the second floor of the company.Zhu Yushan, Managing Director of Guangdong Xinhongyang Technology Co., Ltd., attended this meeting. Heads of all central departments and supervisors of the company participated together with employee representatives to review the achievements of the past year, summarize the problems found in the work, and lay a good foundation for the smooth implementation of the work in 2021.The meeting was chaired by Lin Chuanxin, Operation Management Center.


Zhu Yushan, the managing director of the company, summarized the completion of the annual business indicators in 2020, reported the completion of the annual business indicators of the company, and affirmed the efforts made by all central departments. The team took the initiative to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control and response, and quickly restored normal and orderly business management.Review of Guangdong New Hong Yang in 2020 to shrink the front, focus on the headquarters;Strengthen the sound awareness of the financial system to ensure the balance between production and sales;The torrent of brave advance, for the dream and break, channel enabling;Some breakthroughs have been made in the aspects of organization optimization and deep training of internal skills.In the year of 2020, the company has overcome the difficulties brought by the epidemic situation and the changeable market and maintained a steady and healthy development momentum through the efforts of all of us.


The general manager reviewed the progress made in the work of the past year and analyzed the existing problems. In view of the next work and the implementation of various targets and tasks in 2021, according to the business positioning spirit of "breaking the mentality of maintaining business and adhering to the entrepreneurial mission", he will lead everyone to do a good job in the following aspects in 2021:Attack the dining room business target, lock the new business store building target and sales target;Solid foundation of professional small business, improve product power;Binding major customer business deeply, focusing on major customer business to do deep and thorough;To break through to the direction of company management, reshape the management positioning, the implementation of management empowerment.In this way, we can fully explore the dividends of the management team and realize the leapfrog development of the company and individuals together!


Then the center director duty visit to summarize respectively, each head of the center on their respective jobs reporting on activities, checking the work key indicators, multiple points of view, this work summary and multi-dimensional thinking about next year's layout, annual goals and tasks of various solid foundation for promoting, said in 2021 will continue to enable responsible, in accordance with company goals,Go ahead.






After listening to the reports of the heads of each central department in detail, Zhu Yushan, the managing director, analyzed and commented on the work in 2020, and made clear the business development direction, management ideas and control priorities of the company in 2021.Motivate people with a foot with resources and capabilities, the company is moving to a platform of the company in the development and construction, development platform for everyone to leave more space for development, let everybody can step by step to promote the standardization of the enterprise, on this platform to have thoughts, dreams, breast, person with ability in this arena show their own ability.


In the New Year, to maintain a good state, the confidence to win, the indomitable will, the unity of the faith to fight every hard battle;We need to build a strong core competitiveness and do a solid job in each task. In 2021, we hope that we can "get involved in the game" together, turn ourselves into the key variable to solve the problem, and strive for the comprehensive completion of all the goals and tasks in 2021.



In 2021, greater challenges mean greater motivation and pressure, and higher mountains are waiting for Tuoji to climb!Although the COVID-19 epidemic is still serious and the situation at home and abroad is still grim, we still believe that under the correct guidance of the company, the heads of all central departments and all the staff will work hard together to overcome the difficulties, Tuoji will make great achievements and welcome a better future!Guided by "new value for customers", the company continues to develop rapidly and stably along the overall development path of "achieving your own achievements and achieving the enterprise", and strives to become a model of transformation and upgrading and high-quality development of home furnishing enterprises, striving to build Xinhongyang into a century-old enterprise of "upward and good".

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